Amy Withrow - Helping you find your "well"


Massage, Acupressure, Shiatsu, Cranial Sacral, QiGong, Somatic Trauma Release, Hot Stones, Essential Oils

Finding your "well" of wellness


Hi! My name is Amy Withrow. I believe that we all have a core ‘well’ of health that although at times appears to vanish, never really goes away. As we go through our lives and experience its trials and tribulations, our deep ‘well’ of wellness gets covered up. It’s my greatest pleasure to help people peel back the layers and re-discover their innate wellness. 

I offer 3 levels of care:


Relaxation Wellness:

Chronic stress is a leading factor in burying our wellness. Our lives are chronically busy and stressful these days – we all need some help in controlling and managing stress. This level of care offers basic massage and is a good way to help maintain peace and serenity on a consistent basis.

Therapeutic Wellness:

This level of care addresses any particular issue you may be experiencing, whether it’s chronic or acute. I have a variety of modalities and tools to mix and match to create a care plan that best addresses whatever it is you bring to the table. This level of care is a team effort between you and I. We work together as I help you re-discover your deep ‘well’ and teach you tools to manage your own well(ness).

Specialty Wellness:

Hot Stones – provides a deep level of relaxation as the heat from the stones penetrates deep into your bones and takes you to a deep level of relaxation unlike any other you may have experienced before.  The 3 elements of Water (to heat the stones), Earth (the stones themselves), and Fire (the heat), work synergistically to re-balance and renew.  This modality must be experienced to be truly appreciated. 

Modalities Include:

  • Swedish/Deep Tissue Massage
  • Acupressure
  • Shiatsu
  • Bio-Dynamic Cranial Sacral
  • Medical QiGong
  • Somatic Trauma Release
  • Hot Stones
  • Essential Oils 

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To learn more about the services offered by Amy, or to schedule an appointment, please contact Amy at  (970) 507-0327.