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Erin Beskid - Mental Performance

Maximize you performance in sport, profession and personal life

The goal of performance is to be your best self, consistently. This is achieved through practicing the skills that allow you to choose your focus no matter what is going on inside and/or around you. These skills are not rocket science. When practiced over time they cultivate peak performances. We work together to learn, practice and implement these skills and have some fun and growth along the way. 

Who might benefit from performance coaching? 

Sport Performance- Skill building athlete/team/coach- learn mental skills aimed to increase confidence, fulfillment  and consistency. Performance athlete/team/ coach- learn and hone mental skills aimed to choose your focus at optimal moments. A higher level of commitment and a program tailored specifically to you and your training schedule. 

Non Sport Performer- Gymnast, dancers, musician and performers of all kinds including surgeons, business professionals and CEO’s. 

Lifestyle- Anyone interested improving the self regulation of emotions, thoughts and physiological responses (nerves etc.) using cognitive skills, meditation, biofeedback etc. ex. New parents, life transitions, new hobby, supporting healthy choices, injury recovery, positive sport parenting.

Common topics addressed: Pressure, anxiety, “choking”, overthinking, fear, confidence, stress management, the physiological consequences of stress (stomach aches, butterfly’s etc.) team culture/dynamics, inconsistencies in performance in competition vs training. Common skills taught: Relaxation, Mindfulness, Biofeedback, Focus Training, Self Talk, Imagery, Routines, Coping skills.

Education and Qualifications:


  • B.A  Washington College- Psychology, Elementary Ed., 2008. 
  • M.A University of Denver- Sport and Performance Psychology, 2010. 
  • Certified Mental Performance Coach- Association for Applied Sport Psychology


  • Full Time performance coach at a youth sport academy for 6+ years. Worked with coaches, teams, individuals, parents and teachers to build and support mental skills. 
  • Specific experience with athletes from multiple sports: ski racing, snowboarding, big mountain skiing, nordic/xc skiing, soccer, cross country, softball. 
  • Experience creating and leading everything from off season training to game day support. 
  • Injured Athlete support groups. 
  • Supervision of performance coach interns. 
  • Biofeedback training for controlling physiological responses (nerves). 
  • Weight-loss Behavior coach. 
  • Crisis Clinician 
  • DUI Therapy class instructor 
  • Youth soccer coach 7+ years 
  • Adjunct Professor -Health Psychology- Colorado Mountain College. 
  • Adjunct Professor-Team and Organizational Dynamics, Group Supervision- University of Denver


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